Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Daniel Pollera Gets Inspired on Dune Road

June 8, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Dan Pollera
June 8, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Dan Pollera

Daniel Pollera has had an interest in art since he was just a kid in Freeport, on the South Shore of Long Island, not far from New York. He studied Commercial Art at university before taking a 15-year hiatus from painting. Lucky for us, he’s back to work behind the canvas.

Today, Pollera’s art has appeared in so many places, it’s hard to keep track. This week’s cover, “Gone Swimming,” will soon be on its way to the Sorelle Gallery in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Daniel Pollera headshot 2018
Daniel Pollera

What was the inspiration for this piece?
Last summer, while driving along Dune Road in East Quogue, I noticed a small path leading over the dunes. It caught my eye with the afternoon sun and I decided to photograph it for a possible painting.

How did growing up in a coastal town influence your work?
To tell you the truth, I was always drawn to the water, even before I lived on the water. It always had a profound influence on me but, moving and settling in a coastal community gave me a better understanding of its personality and how it reflects the people around it.

Do you still get out on the water in your free time?
I do manage to get out with my boat whenever I have the urge. That’s the beauty of living on the water, you have flexibility to go when you want. Even during early evening, at the drop of a hat, and still be back before dark.

How has having worked and studied with muralists affect the way you approach a painting?
Working with some well-respected muralists was a great experience. Painting large was good as far as learning perspective on a larger scale.

Now that summer is in full swing, what are you most excited about?
Looking forward to getting out on the water, fishing with my wife and enjoying our newly constructed boat.

Since your last Dan’s Papers cover your work has been added to the permanent collections at the Parrish Art Museum and Guild Hall. Can you talk about the emotions that coincide with being added to major institutions such as these?
I’m honored to have my work in the Parrish and Guild Hall collections. The recognition just confirms your feeling of accomplishments as an artist. Recently, I was added to the permanent collection of the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. It’s a feeling of inclusiveness.

If you could sit down to coffee with any artist from history, who would it be and what would you talk about?
The artist that I would probably get the most out of is Edward Hopper. I really resonate with his work. I would look for similarities in his thinking and I’m sure what he would have to say would be inspiring to me.

Find more of Pollera’s work at danielpollera.com.

June 8, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art by Dan Pollera
June 8, 2018 Dan’s Papers cover art by Dan Pollera

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