Jay-Z and Beyonce Release Surprise Album as The Carters

East Hampton homeowners and music power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé released a surprise joint album, Everything Is Love, on Saturday, along with a debut video for “Apes__t.” (If you couldn’t guess by the title, the song features adult language—so don’t watch if that’s a problem.)

In an even more secret surprise, a special song only found only streaming on Tidal, “Salud,” gives a shoutout to Montauk—but are their words true?

The nine-track record’s exclusive tune (on Tidal), “Salud,” mentions several of the couple’s plush homes, including one in…Montauk? The first verse is as follows (lyrics from genius.com):

Mazel tov, gold bottle talk, wife got a model walk
(wife got a model walk)
House all glass, slide the doors you ain’t gotta walk (gotta walk)
And to top it off (top it off), got another one in Montauk
(Montauk, Montauk, Montauk)
Trifecta down in Tribeca (Tribeca, Tribeca), bonjour (bonjour)
French crib in the french quarters (yeah)”

As far as we know, the famous duo only bought Stanford White’s Pond House on Georgica Pond in East Hampton for $26 million last fall. Do they not realize they bought in East Hampton? Do they think Montauk is synonymous with East Hampton? Was it just servicing a good rhyme?

Art is, after all, open to interpretation.

Their “Apes__t” video was filmed in the Louvre in Paris and features much of the classic art on view, including the museum’s most recognizable painting, DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” and “Winged Victory” aka “Nike of Samothrace” among others.

It’s a definite toe-tapper, and the video is filmed beautifully. And, of course, hip hop’s first couple look dashing in several outfits throughout the song, which repeats the refrain: “I can’t believe we made it.”

You can stream the whole Everything Is Love album on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

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