Vegetarian “Pulled Pork” Sandwich

Stephen Almond, Head Chef of The Assemblage


WHO: Stephen Almond, Head Chef of The Assemblage

INSTAGRAM: @AlmondChef

CHEF ALMOND’S GUEST-WORTHY RECIPE: Vegetarian “Pulled Pork” Sandwich


“We use our own house BBQ sauce, which is a combination of Memphis and Eastern Carolina style BBQ reflecting some of my background growing up. It’s a tomato-based sauce that is sweet, spicy, and vinegary.”


For the “Pork”

6 packs organic enoki mushrooms
3 c BBQ sauce, plus 1 c water
For the smoke brine
1 c liquid smoke
1 gallon water
½ c kosher salt


Clean soiled bottoms off enokis. Cut enokis in half, dividing loose tops and clumped bottoms. Poach enokis in smoke brine for 15 minutes. Remove and drain.

Sear enokis in pan with light cooking oil until crust forms. Flip and repeat searing. Place enokis in roasting pan and cover with BBQ liquid. Cover container and braise at 300F for an hour.

The dish ready to eat, or you can let it cool and save it for later. It can be reheated on a lined sheet tray.

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