Was It Worth It?

Hamptons Editorial

We think it was, with an understanding nod to every local person who was put out by the U.S. Open last week. Those of us whose commute brings us through Southampton on CR-39 certainly didn’t enjoy the week.

There is no need to point out the traffic jams were insurmountable and that many locals were punished for an event they had no interest in and that didn’t benefit them in any way.

The mindset that we as locals paid for, with our valuable time, the foibles of wealthy golf patrons and fans is an inevitable part of staging an event of this magnitude.

There is the bigger picture to consider, though. The Hamptons is indeed a world-famous resort community. Therefore, on occasion, we have to prove we can live up to that billing. Hedge fund owners and internet giants buy multi-million-dollar houses here because the name “Hamptons” brings with it a certain cache. Having the Open here is equivalent to a multi -million-dollar media blitz aimed at underscoring our standing as a world class resort destination.

Was it worth it that Tiger brought his yacht into Sag Harbor and that bold faces filled our restaurants, hotels, and marinas? Yes, it was. Our economy needs that kind of kick on occasion.

Is the magical name of “The Hamptons” elevated by world class entertainment? Yes, as much as we hate to admit it.

Kudos to all the planners and police personnel who made it work. Apologies to all who were put out.

In the overall scheme of things, hosting the return of the Rolling Stones to Montauk (Yes, it was that Memory Motel) would be nightmarish, but we’d probably get on board — for tickets, of course.

It’s a small world thanks to the social media. People all over the world know where Shinnecock is in the wake of the golf tournament and that’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Let’s do it again, Ok? Ok?

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