Paumanok Vineyards to Acquire Palmer Vineyards and Winery

Palmer Vineyards winery
Photo: Courtesy Palmer Vineyards

Aquebogue’s Paumanok Vineyards announced Tuesday that they have entered into a contract with the Palmer Family to acquire the neighboring Palmer Vineyards for an undisclosed sum, though the property was last listed for just shy of $5 million. The acquisition will include the entire 60-acre Palmer estate, including 49 acres of vineyards, the winery and all buildings, as well as the Palmer brand and wine inventory.

The only substantive change, according to Paumanok winemaker Kareem Massoud, is that current Palmer winemaker Miguel Martin will not remain at his post. Instead, Massoud will take over winemaking duties at Palmer, and he has no plans for a drastically different vision between the two brands.

“The acquisition of Palmer Vineyards makes sense for Paumanok on several levels. It gives us a much needed presence on Sound Avenue. Geographically, it is located very close to Paumanok, which will make the logistics of running the two operations smoother,” Paumanok founder and owner Charles Massoud says. “It also means they share similar terroir. The prevailing climate in the Riverhead area is the warmest on the East End,” he continues.

Paumanok Vineyards tasting room.
Paumanok Vineyards tasting room. Photo credit: Nicholas Chowske

Massoud says the property is “very well-suited to our viticulture” and Paumanok is looking forward to adding to the acreage that they farm in the same area. “Palmer and Paumanok have a lot in common,” he explains, pointing out that both estate wineries are located in Aquebogue, founded in 1983 and certified sustainable.

“Both Palmer and Paumanok have been committed to quality since their inception and we intend to maintain that commitment to quality at both wineries,” Massoud notes. “With the acquisition of Palmer Vineyards, we hope to elevate the already high level of quality and hospitality at both operations. We are focused on producing the finest quality wines and delivering an outstanding visitor experience for our guests. We hope that by having the two teams integrate we will strengthen both businesses.”

Kathy Le Morzellec, who has been running Palmer Vineyards since the death of her father, Robert Palmer, says she’s pleased to be completing the sale of her family vineyard to the Massoud family.

“I have been very committed to see Palmer Vineyards sell to someone who would keep it as a vineyard/winery,” Le Morzellec says. “The Massoud Family has always shared Palmer’s commitment to excellence, so this is a perfect fit. I am forever grateful for all the support our customers have shown us over the years and I am confident they will be in good hands. I wish the Massouds much success at Palmer Vineyards.”

The transaction is expected to close on Wednesday, August 1. Palmer Vineyards and Paumanok Vineyards will both remain open for business as usual before and after the closing.

For more information on Paumanok Vineyards and Palmer Vineyards, visit and, respectively.

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