What Happens to Fox News if Disney and Fox Merge?

Mickey Mouse speaks for Fox News
Photo: Leonard Zhukovsky, PAISAN HOMHUAN/123RF

For weeks now, I’ve heard that the Walt Disney Company and Fox have been in merger negotiations. The way I look at it, this is real good news or real bad news. When these things happen, usually one or the other winds up on top.

If it was Walt Disney swallowing Fox, this would be good news. Fox basically runs a government television channel and they just make up the news (as our President does). Those crying babies at the border with Mexico were reading from a script was the Fox explanation of that. The script was provided by the Democrats. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mickey Mouse read the news? He cannot tell a lie. He’d burst into tears, rip up the script and tell it like it is.

On the other hand, if Fox swallowed Disney, then it would be the end for the Magic Kingdom. They’d roll up Main Street. Donald Duck would be held against his will. Quack, he would say. There you are, the Fox people would say. Another animal paid off by the Democrats. Flags would be at half-mast all over the country. Lights would dim.

Three days ago, a 200-page document arrived in my mail. MERGER PROPOSED – YOUR VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT. It was from Walt Disney Inc. At first, I couldn’t figure out why they wanted my vote this way or that. Then I remembered. When my four kids were small, back in the Reagan era, I bought them each one share of stock in Walt Disney. We were at the Magic Kingdom at the time.

“See that brick?” I said to my daughter Maya. “That’s your brick.”

This went over really well. Four new shareholders in Walt Disney. Wow. I think I paid $12 for the four shares. Today, after splits, it’s worth about $200.

I read this proposal avidly. Which way would I vote? The kids are all over 21 now, but the stocks were being held by me. I know which way they would vote. Don’t even have to ask.

Turns out Disney is swallowing up Fox. I did a little dance. But then there was this section that said that a part of Fox, the Fox News part, is not included in the sale.

Too hot to handle, I guess.

Well, I voted “Yes” on this, but then wrote “on condition Fox News Is Included in Sale, Otherwise No.”

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