Joe Pallister’s ‘Reflect’ Exhibition Presents Duality of Nature in the Hamptons

Canoe reflected on water by Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)
Photo: Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)

Hampton Bays resident Joe Pallister is a man of many artistic hats. He currently works as an actor, a graphic designer (he goes by DesigningJoe) and a photographer, both independently and for photography company The Classy Camera.

Though he certainly has his hands full, Pallister doesn’t let that get in the way of showcasing his art.

This Friday, August 3, the multitasker is opening a solo photography exhibition at SagTown Coffee in Sag Harbor.

Reflect by DesigningJoe consists of 19 photographs depicting the hypnotic effects of reflections in nature. His stunning images present the viewer with the duality of our environment and offer a new perspective toward everyday scenes we might otherwise glance over.

Leaf photo by Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)
Photo: Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)

“With all of today’s distractions, it’s far too easy to look around and not really see very much. I just try to see as much as I can,” Pallister says. “I really don’t have a specific message, except maybe that a puddle isn’t just a puddle—and by puddle, I mean anything you can see.”

Believe it or not, all of Pallister’s pieces were taken with his iPhone, mostly during his morning bike rides. The photos are printed directly onto 1/8-inch sheets of aluminum, ranging in size from 11 x 14 inches to 20 x 30 inches.​

“I love how the work looks on aluminum,” Pallister says. “It comes to life, both color and black and white. There’s no frame, and I like that. The image draws you in without making you feel boxed in.”

Pallister’s images possess a magnetism that instills the viewer with a sense of familiarity, almost like the sensation of seeing one’s self in a reflection. “Photography, for me, is more about capturing time. But a photograph isn’t just that moment—every moment has a before and after,” he says, adding, “With a photograph, that before and after comes to life through the viewer’s imagination.”

Black and white scallop shell on beach photo by Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)
Photo: Joe Pallister (DesigningJoe)

Originally from The Bronx, Pallister grew up in Hampton Bays and earned a BFA in Advertising and Design from School of Visual Arts in NYC. He remained in New York for 18 years, and now resides in Hampton Bays.

The opening reception for Reflect by DesigningJoe is at SagTown Coffee (Pallister actually designed their logo) this Friday, August 3 at 7 p.m. Food and drinks will be provided.

SagTown Coffee is located at 78 Main Street in Sag Harbor. For more info about Reflect and Joe Pallister, visit

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