Kids Hooked On Shelter Island Snapper Derby

Andre Earls, Ulu Aipa, and Auggie Earls at the weigh-in. Independent/Jade Eckardt
Andre Earls, Ulu Aipa, and Auggie Earls at the weigh-in. Independent/Jade Eckardt

Hundreds of kids rigged up their poles on Saturday, September 1, for the annual Kids Shelter Island Snapper Derby.

Kids fished Island-wide on beaches, bridges, and boats to compete in the categories of Biggest Bluefish and Catch and Release. There was also an art contest where kids competed to have their design turned into a T-shirt for next year’s derby.

Nicholas Vanderbruggen won Catch and Release with 181 fish caught on a boat between 6 AM and the 5 PM weigh-in. Lila Laton won Biggest Bluefish with a whopping 2.58 pounder. Ulu Aipa, age eight, took first place in the Logo Shirt Design contest, although all three winners in the category will have their artwork on T-shirts next year.

The weigh-in took place at the American Legion where everyone gathered for burgers, pizza, drinks, and snacks provided by sponsors. Kids weighed their fish before volunteers cleaned and cooked them for a community fish fry. An awards ceremony concluded the festivities as winners proudly accepted their shining trophies.

The event was hosted by the Shelter Island Lions Club with help from numerous local sponsors. Excess revenue generated from the derby goes to the Lions Club to support local charities.

2018 Blue Fish (lbs)

Lila Laton, 2.580
Angus Deely, 1.750
Jack Deely, 1.520
George Deely, 1.485
Marco Friezo, 1.045

2018 Catch and Release (count)

Nicholas Vanderbruggen, 181
Marco Friezo, 111
Henry Cruise, 111
Riley Renault, 80
Nick Marsh, 68
Jonathan Rivera, 50
Alexander Stonehill, 35

2018 Logo Shirt Design Winners

Ulu Aipa, first place winner in the art competition. Independent/Jade Eckardt

1) Ulu Aipa
2) Nolan Sanwald
3) Lily Levitsky

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