Alec Baldwin Debuts His Talk Show and Shines in Three Other Shows This Week

Robert De Niro on the Alec Baldwin Show
Robert De Niro on the Alec Baldwin Show, Photo: ABC/Heidi Gutman

Where couldn’t you watch Alec Baldwin on TV this week?

The Amagansett resident reprised popular roles on Will & Grace and Saturday Night Live; his new ABC talk show The Alec Baldwin Show premiered; and he sat down for a chat on The Rachael Ray Show. That adds up to four TV performances in less than one week, which means there’s plenty to talk about!

First being seen as CIA agent Malcolm Widmark on the Thursday, October 11 episode of Will & Grace, Baldwin brought big laughs as his character continued to meddle in Karen Walker’s (Megan Mullally) marriage despite her rejecting him in the previous season finale. Fans are sure to see more of him in upcoming episodes, where he’ll continue to shine next to Hamptonite Debra Messing and the rest of the cast. Check out the episode highlight below.

Following through on his promise, the SNL alumnus donned the wig and spray-tan for the first time this season on Saturday, October 13. The show, which featured Montauker Paul Simon as the musical guest, parodied the bizarre meeting between Donald Trump and Kanye West, portrayed by Chris Redd.

As Redd’s West ranted about alternate dimensions, the 13th amendment and the upcoming “negative death rates” in Chicago, Baldwin’s Trump realized that his crazy person could actually help make Brett Kavanaugh look sane in comparison. At the meeting’s conclusion, Trump stressed the most important takeaway: that he is loved by black people “way more than Alec Baldwin” is. Watch the skit here.

On Sunday, The Alec Baldwin Show premiered with his first guest star: iconic Montauker Robert De Niro. The show is set up similarly to a 60 Minutes or David Frost interview: the interviewer and interviewee sitting in comfortable chairs in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

The two discussed De Niro’s career and naturally went on to the subject of Trump, as they have both been quite outspoken against the current presidency. During the discussion, Baldwin slipped into a monologue about how he came to play Trump on SNL. After the episode aired, ABC released an animated segment of the interview, which can be viewed below.

On Monday, October 15, Southamptonite Rachael Ray hosted Baldwin as her celebrity guest star. The two discussed the romance between his niece Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, as well as his wife Hilaria Baldwin’s desire for child number five. And he threw in a brief Trump impression for good measure.

The interview began with Ray asking Baldwin if Bieber will be referring to him as “Uncle Alec,” to which Baldwin only laughed. He recalled when the young couple came to his home in the summer, and he told them what he tells everyone, that you only get married when you can’t bear the thought of not having each other. Despite being a familiar source of wisdom for Hailey, he admits that he doesn’t know any more than the next person about her engagement to Bieber.

Then they moved on to the thought of baby number five, which Hilaria has her heart set on. Given his hip replacement surgery in February, it’s not surprising that he’s a little less enthusiastic. He then jokes that if they were to have another child, they’d have to move into the five-story Macy’s at Herald Square to fit the family comfortably. Hear what else he had to say in the clip below.

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