Don’t Forget to Do These Important Fall Fix-Ups on Your East End Property

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves
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Is your East End home all that it can be?

A few fix-ups now can improve the look of your home—and save you trouble—into the future. In addition to hitting the local wineries, fall weather is perfect for working outdoors, after all.

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Siding, Roofs and Gutters
Fall is the time to give your home’s exterior a good cleaning, and the siding is no exception. Bill Smith of Mildew Busters, based on Shelter Island, says now is the best time to remove any mold and mildew from your home’s exterior. “Removing it now eliminates it [becoming] worse in the spring and eliminates the possibility of rot setting in,” he says. Because the moisture from rain and snow “feeds” mold and mildew, it should be removed before being given a chance to “winter over.”

And fall is the prime season to clean gutters—think about all those falling leaves clogging them up. We like to say “Get the gunk out.” With the rain and snow of winter just around the corner, you definitely want water to have an unobstructed flow. Letting debris sit on roof seams and gutters is a surefire way to accumulate moisture. When this moisture freezes, it’ll cause, among other things, a massive headache. Install screens on top of your gutters to prevent clogs, and replace roof panels if you see that any are missing or damaged. This is a job for a professional wearing gloves, as the debris that accumulates in gutters can decompose over time and become a bit, er, nasty and it involves the dangers of using a ladder. A hose can also be a great tool for completing this task. Just point and shoot! And don’t forget the downspouts, which can also be cleaned with the power of pressurized water.

Children’s Play Equipment
If your kids have outgrown their play equipment, don’t wait, have it removed. Unused play equipment invites abuse and accidents, and it doesn’t age well. If the set is a “keeper,” give it a good, thorough cleaning before and after the winter months. Perhaps some sanding and painting is in order? Now’s a great time for that. Teach children to always clear debris such as sticks and leaves off of equipment before using it.

Are your outbuildings full? What are they full of? It’s time to clean them out, isn’t it? All of them.

It’s time to make room for the car in the garage, the lawn mower in the shed and perhaps even the dog in the doghouse. We could give you a list of places to donate useable stuff. But most of what you have is not that useable, right? Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK (because you do got junk, you do) or put that stuff on your curb. Better yet, put it on your neighbor’s curb in the dead of night so no one knows what you’ve been hiding all of these years.

Note: Going to yard sales is fun but hosting a yard sale is a LOT OF WORK.

A picture of a woman painting fence
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Tom Sawyer is not going to paint your picket fence, but you can. Be sure to give it a good sanding first so that your hard work lasts as long as possible. Other fencing, like chain-link, calls for professionals. And what a huge difference replacing an old fence makes! Or maybe you’d like to add a decorative wooden fence to your property. That is a “solid” investment.

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