Dubious Callers Tell Montaukers They Must Relocate to Space

Montauk space station orbiting Earth with "The End" on it
Photo: Andrea Danti/123RF

Several residents of Montauk reported receiving hoax phone calls in the past week. The official-sounding calls informed residents that, due to rising sea levels, they would soon be forced to move out of the low-lying hamlet.

According to Hamptons Police Department officials, the residents were further informed that the U.S. government had contracted with a private aerospace company to relocate Montauk locals to a space station. The callers said the space station would be launched in the spring of 2020, and that in order to reserve a spot on it they would have to provide a deposit of $25,000 per family member.

“The callers attempted to get victims to relinquish credit card information for this so-called deposit,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch says. “However, as everybody knows, Montauk residents will not have to pay any such deposit in order to get onto the space station. When the time comes, they will just be teleported directly to the station whether they want it or not. Don’t fall for this stupid hoax!”

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