EH Cops: Smashed Piggy Bank, Gets Locked Up

A Springs man faces multiple misdemeanor charges after an alleged domestic incident with a woman he was living with, while their young child was present.

Noe Guaman, 30, got into an argument over money with the woman at their Three Mile Harbor residence the night of February 4, East Hampton Town police said. He is said to have slapped the woman on the face, causing a small cut, then to have taken her yellow piggy bank with an emoji face on it and smashed it. She told police that when she tried to call them, Guaman took her phone away from her, going into a bedroom and closing the door. “I knew I had dialed 911, and hoped police would come,” she said.

Police investigate all 911 telephone hang-ups where the phone is disconnected before a public safety dispatcher actually speaks with the caller. While many of these calls are accidental pocket calls, some concern true emergencies. Using cell phone GPS technology, police were soon on the scene, where the alleged victim swore out a complaint against Guaman. He was placed under arrest and charged with three misdemeanor crimes, including endangering the welfare of a child, as well as two counts of criminal mischief, for allegedly intentionally smashing the piggy bank as well as for preventing the woman from calling the police.

He was released the next morning without bail, but with a court order to stay away from the woman and his now former residence, with the exception of one visit, in the company of the police, to retrieve his

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