Pre-Wedding Coach

Jenny Oz LeRoy’s sister, Carolyn Plum LeRoy, is a licensed clinical social worker who offers “pre-wedding coaching” to those hosting their special day at Oz Farm, and beyond.

“Planning your wedding involves dreams, hopes and decisions,” Carolyn said. “Choosing all the details, from the invitations to the flowers and cake for your wedding, is fun and expresses your personalities to your family and friends. You may feel happy, nervous, energized, and overwhelmed all at the same time.” This is when a wedding coach can come in handy.



“You and your partner may be facing questions about wedding planning and your future that span everything from seating arrangements to living arrangements. You may suddenly have family members offering advice and support that is both wonderful and, well, overbearing,” she acknowledged. “Pre-wedding coaching allows you and your partner a chance to work on all of these topics. It is also a recipe for long term success and happiness.”

An LCSW who has been working with couples and families for six years, both in person and through video conferencing, Carolyn Plum LeRoy is also a marriage officiant. For more information, visit

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