Plan Your Wedding with Jerri Montillo of Jerri’s Cakery & Confections, Inc.

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Royal Inspired Cake by Jerri's Cakery & Confections, Inc.
Royal Inspired Cake by Jerri’s Cakery & Confections, Inc.

There are many aspects of the wedding planning process that can be stressful, but choosing the perfect cake shouldn’t be one of them. Choosing the right flavor and design can be a lot of fun, especially if you have an expert helping with the planning and execution. We asked Jerri Montillo, owner of Jerri’s Cakery & Confections, Inc., for some tips to help get you started.

What’s the most surprising request you’ve had from a couple?
Because I specialize in cake sculptures, I’ve made everything from honeymoon-dressed sharks to standing guitars to a wave carrying a pearl. A recent request was a crispy rice treat three-tiered cake with chocolate ganache and marshmallow cream!

How has your approach changed with more requests for dietary restrictions?
We do have options for gluten-free, non-dairy or nut-free cakes, as well as unconventional dessert options, like cupcake towers, jar sweets, pie tables, doughnut walls, dessert bars/shooters and candy buffets.

What tips can you share for finding the perfect wedding cake?
There are many beautiful cake photos out there, find the components that appeal to you most and let the cake artist design something unique to your special day. After all, the cake should reflect your style as much as the dress, the food or the venue. You want your cake to be edible artwork that leaves you and your guests with sweet memories of your day.

What do you love most about your job?
It’s wonderful to work with people celebrating their big day. With our retail opening in the castle in Westhampton last year, we have created a “happy place” in a fun setting, where couples enjoy tastings and coffee. This April marks our 10-year anniversary, and we are proud to offer delicious art for the East End!

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