Jerry Seinfeld Appears in Vampire Weekend ‘Sunflower’ Video

Amagansett comedian Jerry Seinfeld pops up in the strangest places! The local funnyman, known for his hit eponymous 1990s television show and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (now on Netflix), made a surprise appearance in the latest video from NYC rock band Vampire Weekend.

The retro-style video for “Sunflower,” directed by Maniac star Jonah Hill, features Seinfeld, along with Vampire Weekend singer and guitarist Ezra Koenig and guest guitarist Steve Lacy of The Internet, at Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass Deli, two venerable Jewish eateries on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Hip hop legend Fab 5 Freddy also makes a cameo.

After the first part, shot in Zabar’s (2245 Broadway) where Koenig and Lacy work behind the counter, the camera goes to Barney Greengrass Deli (541 Amsterdam Avenue at 86th Street)—which is also in the Season 4 premiere of Billions on Showtime this Sunday. There, Seinfeld mugs for the camera in several split screens, sometimes with four panels. As the song concludes and the camera stops spinning and splitting, we see Seinfeld standing at the counter while Koenig and Lacy sit in the background.

Then, with no music, a man behind the counter says, “Jerry, I’ve got a pitch for you!”

In typical Seinfeld style, the comedian replies sarcastically, “Oh, great, that’s what I come here for.”

The man then says some kind of joke, but the first part is impossible to make out. His punchline is about someone “getting locks on a bagel,” and Seinfeld responds, “That’s good, I love it.”

Vampire Weekend released their “Sunflower” video on Wednesday, March 13. The track is from their upcoming fourth album Father Of The Bride, due out on May 3. As you might have guessed, Koenig is a huge Seinfeld fan.

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