Scarlett Johansson Learns Memes While Eating Wings on ‘Hot Ones’

The internet was heating up on Friday when Amagansett resident Scarlett Johansson‘s interview on the season eight finale of Hot Ones soared to #3 on YouTube’s top trending list. She sat down with host Sean Evans to discuss food, memes and all things Avengers while eating scorching hot wings.

She began by taking a bite out of a mild wing and talking about what she and her Marvel co-stars do to pass the time while filming in various parts of the world, which mostly involves eating the local fare and drinking at the area bars. She then said that contrary to popular belief, the set of He’s Just Not into You had better cast catering than that of Chef. “Drew [Barrymore] prides herself on providing the most sick catering: like full chocolate fountain, like raw bar. They were definitely bringing it. Flower Films—they know how to feed people,” she said.


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Johansson then shared her opinion that “comic book obsessives” are harder to please than theater buffs, because superhero movies are created from “material that they have loved from childhood, and so they have a certain kind of ownership over these characters or the storylines.” One pop culture phenomenon she doesn’t have much of an opinion on is meme culture. Having made the decision not to use any social media early in her career, she admitted that viral internet jokes and videos take much longer to reach her, often requiring one of her Marvel cast mates to fill her in on the joke. Evans then showed her a few photo examples of an Avengers meme, which leave her a bit confused. “Is that a meme? Or does a meme move?,” she asked innocently.

By the end of the interview, after 10 increasingly spicy wings, Evans decided to take advantage of Johansson’s vulnerable state by questioning her on the accuracy of wild Avengers: Endgame theories. She stayed strong and didn’t give away any spoilers, but that mostly had to do with the intense burning sensation in her mouth.

Watch the full episode above for more fun insights, including Johansson’s love of magic, Meryl Streep‘s love of Lucy and more.

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