60 Summers

60 Summers Throwback: ‘East Hampton Summer Sun’ Circa 1979

Dan makes an appeal for Suffolk to become Peconic County.

In our ongoing Dan’s 60 Summers celebration, we continue to look to the past with weekly Dan’s 60 Summers Throwbacks. This week, we turn the clock back 40 years to the May 4, 1979 issue of Dan Rattiner’s East Hampton Summer Sun newspaper, out before his publications were consolidated under the Dan’s Papers name. The paper below was one of the “Dan’s Papers” that eventually led to the catch-all title we use today.

Here, Dan complains of the East End’s limited power in Suffolk County compared to our western counterparts, and makes a plea to part-time residents from NYC to spend more time in the Hamptons, beyond just the summer months. Many may remember the efforts to break away from Suffolk and create a separate Peconic County, but this would never come to fruition. Dan was clearly in favor of the idea.

East Hampton Summer Sun newspaper cover from May 4, 1979

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