Court Throws Out Kabot Petition

Linda Kabot. Independent/Courtesy Linda Kabot

Former Republican Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot’s attempt to gain access to the Independence party line as a write-in candidate for the county legislature was shot down in court May 2.

The Kabot camp filed sworn and notarized Opportunity to Ballot petitions that, if accepted, would have opened the door for a write-in spot on the Independence Party ballot, which lists Fleming as the candidate of choice for the County Legislator spot.

Judge John Leo of the New York Supreme Court found enough lacking to deny the petition. He ruled Thursday that Kabot’s Opportunity to Ballot petitions did not meet legal requirements. Specifically, Leo decided 45 of the 172 signatures collected and submitted by Kabot were invalid.

“I’m pleased that the court was able to quickly take a close look at them and protect the voters’ right to a fair election, by throwing the petitions out,” said Bridget Fleming, the incumbent Suffolk County Legislator who is running for reelection on the Democrat, Working Families, and Independence lines. Kabot is the Republican nominee.

“It’s troubling that Kabot would attempt to undermine the democratic process by swearing to and filing these petitions, when more than a quarter of the signatures were no good,” said Fleming. “I’m proud of my work representing Suffolk’s East End, and I look forward to a campaign that focuses on the issues, and not political games.”

Bridget Fleming. Independent/Courtesy Bridget Fleming

“This voter petition is to allow for a write-in opportunity and it is amazing to me that Fleming’s Democratic Party cronies are trying to challenge voter signatures and block ballot access. What are they afraid of?” Kabot asked.

“These political party machinations, deal-making and horse-trading, and efforts to block write-in candidates on minor party lines are a deterrent to candidates who might want to run for office, and a disenfranchisement of the voters, who desire to have choice and truly independent candidates considered. It is time for the people to rise up. Choose your representatives wisely come Primary Day June 25,” Kabot concluded.

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