Arrested Twice In Montauk, Serving 15 Days

Likely to be released at the end of the week on good behavior, Conor Frank, seen here in an East Hampton Town Police Department mug shot, pleaded guilty after stealing from two Montauk stores this month. Independent/EHTPD

A man was arrested twice in 10 days by East Hampton Town police in Montauk on petty larceny charges. On June 2, Conor Thomas Frank, 26, formerly of Murietta, CA, whom witnesses said appeared quite drunk, stole a tip cup with $9 in it from the counter of Left Hand Coffee shop on South Elmwood Avenue. He was held overnight, and was arraigned the next morning in East Hampton Town Justice Court, where Justice Lisa Rana pointed out that Frank had no ties to the community, setting bail at $200.

Unable to post that amount, he was taken to the county jail in Riverside. On June 6, he was brought back to East Hampton, where he entered a guilty plea to the misdemeanor, with Rana sentencing him to time served. Because he was in county custody at that point, he was transported back to the county jail, processed, and released.

Six days later, he was back in Montauk. On June 12, Frank was arrested on a new petty larceny charge. Police said he had shoplifted a tube of Banana Boat sunblock from the 7-Eleven. He was held overnight, and brought back to East Hampton Town Justice Court the morning of June 13.

His attorney, Matthew D’Amato from the Legal Aid Society, spoke with Frank, then conferenced with the district attorney’s office, and a deal was struck. The petty larceny charge would be dropped, to be replaced by a charge of disorderly conduct, to which Frank would enter a guilty plea. The charge is considered a violation instead of a crime. In return for the reduced charge, Frank was sentenced to 15 days in jail. With good behavior, he will be eligible to be released June 22.

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