Matthew Broderick Plays Mike Pompeo in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open

Despite the absence of Alec Baldwin‘s Donald Trump impression from Saturday Night Live‘s October 5 cold open, fellow Amagansett resident Matthew Broderick brought big laughs, and some Ferris Bueller’s Day Off references, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Inspired by Trump’s current impeachment crisis, the scene takes place in the office of Vice President Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett, as he, Trump’s bungling attorney Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) and Attorney General Bill Barr (Aidy Bryant) discuss how they’re going to protect themselves and avoid prosecution, especially in the face of a second whistleblower. Trump, Pence says, is “meeting with an alligator breeder about filling the moat at the border.”

As the trio crack jokes about the mounting evidence in the very real case against Trump, Broderick’s Secretary Pompeo arrives, explaining how “I think I bought myself a little time” to avoid the subpoena from Congress. The scene cuts to Mikey Day as Adam Schiff calling the meeting to order, repeating “Pompeo? Pompeo? Pompeo?” just as Ferris Bueller’s teacher does in Broderick’s beloved film. A mannequin holds Pompeo’s spot, just like it does in Bueller’s bed when he pretends to be sick in the movie.

Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, Matthew Broderick as Mike Pompeo, Beck Bennett as Mike Pence, and Aidy Bryant as Bill Barr during October 5, 2019 Saturday Night Live Cold Open
Matthew Broderick as Mike Pompeo on Saturday Night Live, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

The conversation continues and each official in Pence’s office seems to be running for the hills. Broderick’s Pompeo suggests fleeing the country, noting “There’s a whole list of countries that would love to have us: North Korea, Saudi Arabia—end of list.” He finally finds his escape by leading the bewildered president of Finland Sauli Niinistö (played by Alex Moffatt)—who was left after his press conference with Trump—out of the room.

“You’re coming back, right Mike? Because if things go bad for Trump, then I’m president,” Pence asks, a hint of desperation in his monotone voice. “Oh, yeah, good, that’s going to work out just great. I can’t wait for that to happen,” Broderick’s Pompeo says, adding, “Impeachment moves pretty fast—if you don’t stop and look around, you might miss it.”

That last line is another callback to Ferris Bueller, who says in the 1986 film, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Of course no fans of Broderick or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off missed any of these perfect references.

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