Mac N’ Cheese Lobster Pancake

Who: Chef Lamia Funti

Instagram: @LamiasFishMarket

Chef Funti’s Guest-Worthy Recipe: Mac N’ Cheese Lobster Pancake from Lamia’s Fish Market


“When I was developing my brunch menu for Lamia’s Fish Market, I wanted to include foods that I absolutely loved and would add to the overall experience people have when dining here. Our Mac & Cheese Lobster Pancake is a fun twist on a breakfast staple that adds a surprising seafood element — seeing an entire lobster claw in one piece is quite impressive. It’s unique, absolutely delicious, and easy enough for our guests to recreate at home if they wish!”


Four Cheese Mac & Cheese

2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp paprika

3 Tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp nutmeg

3.5 oz lobster meat

1 oz pepper

3 Tbsp butter


2 Tbsp apple butter


1. Make four cheese mac and cheese.

2. To make the buttermilk batter, mix together vanilla, paprika, brown sugar, and nutmeg.

3. Mix mac and cheese with buttermilk batter, and fry on skillet until a light crust forms.

4. Shred lobster, and lightly sauté in a separate pan with peppers, sriracha, and butter.

5. Top pancakes with lobster mix, drizzle with sriracha, serve with apple butter, and add the whole lobster claw to the side.

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