Hunt for Virtual Treasure and Donate to Charity with Greenie Supply & Tackle

Greenie Supply & Tackle treasure map
Greenie Supply & Tackle treasure map, Photo: Rina Meyer

“Wanna go on a treasure hunt?”

I immediately tensed up when I got the text. It was a stormy Saturday afternoon and I’d been treating myself to a true crime documentary on Netflix—we’d reached the point in the quarantine where I had seen them all already and was now rewatching Abducted in Plain Sight while snacking on chocolates in my pajamas. 

But what was my sister talking about? We couldn’t go on a treasure hunt. Not now. And certainly not after the last attempt went so horribly wrong. I dialed and immediately questioned her.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” I asked.

“Nope!” she responded happily. “That cool treasure hunting thing on the North Fork—you know, Greenie Supply & Tackle…”

“Of course I know what Greenie’s Supply & Tackle is,” I snapped back. “Do I need to remind you about the time we got lost on a beach in Orient and had to be rescued?”

“Uh, we weren’t lost and if by ‘rescued’ you mean I had to douse you back to reality with rosé at Main Road Biscuit, then yes.”

I softened. “We obviously can’t do that treasure hunt now.”

“We can! They’re doing a virtual hunt from their website. And they’re even raising money for local charities.”

We hung up and my sister texted me the URL. Could it be? Could my white whale finally be conquered? I grabbed my laptop and pulled up the site. 

Greenie Supply & Tackle is raising money for these causes. Photo: Greenie Supply & Tackle

Sure enough, thanks to the magic of Google Maps, Greenie Supply & Tackle crafted a new treasure hunting adventure that took me on a journey through the North Fork from the comfort of my own home. And, after an exciting series of riddles whose answers I daren’t spoil, I did, in fact, find the treasure.

After the exciting voyage, I called my sister.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Ahoy! Blow me down! I found the booty!”

There was a pause. “You found the treasure, huh?”

“Yeah. And I didn’t even have a nervous breakdown while doing it.”

“Cool! What was the treasure?”

That, of course, is for you to find out. Head to the Virtual Greenie Supply Treasure Map to get started, and don’t forget to donate to C.A.S.T. Food Pantry, COVID-19 Defense Fund and World Health Org.

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