Organic Krush Reopens Amagansett Location

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As the world turns to its health care workers to save it from a spreading pandemic, there’s never been a better time for individuals to take a look inward — at what we consume.

Personalized wellness begins with the very basics of what we eat and drink. Our bodies are similar to cars; the better we nourish ourselves the further we will go. If food is our fuel, Organic Krush is a one-stop-shop for superfood needs.

Organic Krush began in 2014 with a single location in Woodbury and has since expanded to five Long Island storefronts. After shutting its doors for the season at the end of November last year, Organic Krush reopened its restaurant in Amagansett on Thursday, April 2, with a brand-new look. The cosmetic makeover includes new graffiti, and there are also new kitchen efficiencies.

Independent/Courtesy Organic Krush

“As long as the staff felt comfortable going back to their home base, there was no issue,” co-founder Michelle Walrath said of the opening. She and co-founder Fran Paniccia have all five locations open for business right now, adhering to tight protocols.

“The reason we started Organic Krush was to support people’s health,” Walrath explained. “One of the things with viruses is that the more people who can learn about immunity and take care of their own health, the better off we all are.” That’s why Organic Krush is offering no-contact pickup and delivery options, free through DoorDash.

OK organic selection includes customizable “survival kits” that are curated to provide immune boosting foods and beverages. The Classic, priced at $150, comes with a one-pound bag of coffee, two quarts of soup, four quarts of bone broth, three green juices, three wellness shots, a six pack of gluten free baked goods, and four protein bars. Other options may also include portions of marinated grass-fed steak, grilled chicken breasts, detox kale salads, roasted vegetables, and so much more.

Each item is guaranteed fresh, with a packaged and sell-by date listed. All menu items act as natural ways to nourish the body and boost the immune system with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals.

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“This isn’t just a short-term thing. More than ever, people need to understand the connection between their choices and the big impact,” said Walrath. Beyond simply supplying consumers with necessary nutrients, OK offers up tips and recipes on its Instagram account (@OrganicKrush) with a “Krush in the Kitchen” video series. The series is equal parts informative and fun, and is a means for Organic Krush to connect to its customers virtually.

While its Amagansett location is just reemerging, the managerial staff has been working at the other locations and is already familiar with the new day-to-day operations, an existing monthlong process. In early March, when news of the COVID-19 spread hit especially hard, the OK team began social distancing by banning the crossover between locations. Prior to the outbreak, staff would oftentimes work at a location that needed help, but that quickly halted.

“Everyone ate healthy and learned to rely on their team,” Walrath said. Masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning, and other precautionary steps were also implemented.

Independent/Courtesy Organic Krush

With many staff members having family and friends working on the frontlines as health care workers, there’s an Organic Krush Gives Back initiative that brings lunches to different hospitals across Long Island. It started as an altruistic way to keep staffers busy, making 50 to 75 lunches a day during a time there’d otherwise be little to do. Now, it has turned into a fundraising effort that raised over $10,000 in a single week, with an overarching goal of $50,000.

“It’s a testament to the customer base that we have,” Walrath noted. On average, a lunch costs $20. Thanks to the generous donations of others, nurses and doctors at local hospitals are eating healthy meals that keep their stomachs full and immune system in check.

Visit for more. For a customizable survival kit, email [email protected].

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