A Summer Guide to Watering Your Hamptons Property

RB Irrigation sprinklers at Hamptons house with pool
Photo: Courtesy RB Irrigation

During summer, irrigation systems work hard watering your property, grass, shrubs, flowers and gardens. Your irrigation system needs to provide just the right level of water to the right places at the right times.

Plants readily respond to their environment, and different plants have different watering needs depending on their type and size. For plant health, the root zone needs to get wet. Larger plants, like a tree, require watering more deeply and less often because it has a bigger root zone compared to other flora, such as small shrubs or flowers. Therefore, light and shallow watering may not penetrate deeply enough, even with our quick-draining, sandy soil.

Different types of grasses have different irrigation requirements, too. Generally, they also must be watered deeply and less frequently. This lets the top of the soil dry out between watering and forces the roots to grow longer to reach the moisture in the deep soil. Watering lightly frequently makes roots lazy and stay near the surface. Encouraging deep root growth increases your lawn’s resilience to drought and heat, and its resistance to diseases.

Applying more water than soil can absorb, or the grass really needs, offers no benefit to grass or the environment. In fact, overwatering can impact turf, tree and plant health as well as encourage certain grass diseases and weeds to develop.

Problems occur when we follow the routine of setting the watering schedule at a certain day and time without knowing weather conditions. It’s an issue, especially for homeowners with older sprinkler controllers, but efficient smart Wi-Fi controllers will address the problem. This easy addition to your irrigation system automatically schedules watering based on real-time local weather conditions. Among many advantages, upgrading your system with a smart Wi-Fi irrigation controller allows you to easily monitor and adjust your watering schedule using a smartphone.

Even though these systems conserve water and save money, regular scheduled maintenance visits from your irrigation company are recommended to ensure a beautiful, lush and healthy landscape. Without proper maintenance, small problems can become significant, time-consuming and costly projects.

As summer drifts by, you can rely on RBI to keep your sprinkler system running efficiently and make sure that your property remains healthy and beautiful.

RB Irrigation has been providing professional lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions on Eastern Long Island since 1999. They use only high-quality products and labor procedures to ensure optimum lawn sprinkler system performance and customer satisfaction. They only staff the most reliable and professional lawn sprinkler system specialists, ensuring that customers get the best service available. RB Irrigation is licensed and insured and serves Eastern Suffolk, including East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, Westhampton and Montauk.

Contact RB Irrigation at 631 288-1087 or visit rbirrigation.net.

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