Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Daniel Pollera: One with the Water

June 19 Dan’s Papers cover art (detail) by Daniel Pollera

Dan’s Best of the Best Hall of Famer and frequent cover contributor Daniel Pollera talks about solitude, the water’s shifting moods and more.

​What was the inspiration for this piece?
I had been painting some ominous dark pieces over the winter and needed something with a summer feel. I did a similar painting last year and decided to revisit the piece and change it up a bit. I created a beautiful day with the notorious afternoon sea breeze.

How has the quarantine altered your perspective on art?
To be honest, the quarantine didn’t alter my perspective on my art. What it did do was give me the extended solitude to create at a pace that was enjoyable. Taking my time on a painting is a pleasure for me and usually results in a better piece.

As the summer season approaches, does your artistic process change at all, and if so, how?
As the summer starts, the pace of everything and everyone increases. My process doesn’t change, it’s the same. What I do get is extra inspiration being on the water almost everyday.

What’s a particular artistic subject you haven’t tackled yet but want to in the future?
I wouldn’t say there’s a particular subject that I haven’t tackled, that I want to. But I would like to do some plein air painting if I ever get the chance.

What is it about the water that inspires and moves you?
I have loved the water all my life. It has many personalities, which I have seen over the years. The ocean, bays and the Sound have rage and fury at times. It can also be calm and tranquil. When I’m out by myself I feel a personal connection to it, but also respect its power. For those reasons I’m compelled to include it in all my paintings.

For more information on Daniel Pollera’s art, visit danielpollera.com.

June 26, 2020 Dan’s Papers cover art by Dan Pollera
June 19, 2020 Dan’s Papers cover art by Dan Pollera


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