Meet the Hamptons Virtual Home Show Experts: East End Tick & Mosquito Control

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Meet the Expert
Brian Kelly, East End Tick & Mosquito Control

What can homeowners do to prevent ticks from infiltrating their property?
Keep the property neat and free of weeds and leaves. Keep your grass cut short and don’t over-water your plants and shrubs—ticks are attracted to long grass and cool damp areas. You can also put a fence up to limit the amount of deer and animals that come onto your yard.

Talk about your party spraying service.
Our party/special event sprays are highly recommended for any outdoor events. This application will greatly reduce the mosquitoes and ticks that will bug you and your guests. Mosquitoes and ticks are both known to carry viruses and diseases that will harm both you and your pets.

What should someone do if they think they’ve been bitten?
DON’T PANIC! Remove the tick properly by using sharp tweezers and save the tick just in case you become sick. See a doctor if you are not feeling good after a tick bite. Always keep a tick removal kit handy and learn how to properly remove a tick.

How can animals be safely guarded from ticks?
Protect your pets from tick bites using Frontline, K9 Advantix or another product recommended by your veterinarian. When performing a tick check, always inspect your pet’s head, neck, feet, in-between toes, armpits and ears very closely. When walking your pets, stay away from forests, wooded areas, leaf litter and tall grasses. Always groom your pets carefully and remember to check yourself and your pets after being outdoors.

What is a common misconception about ticks?
A common misconception about ticks is that ticks are only found in the woods. Actually, Lone Star ticks are being found just about everywhere—the grass at the beach, the grass at the farmers market, along the side of the road where many people jog or walk their pets. Ticks encounters are happening all over the East End.

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