Meet the Hamptons Virtual Home Show Experts: Twin Forks Pest Control

Photo: Courtesy Twin Forks Pest Control
Pests run in fear at the mere sight of this BOTB-winning company’s van, Photo: Courtesy Twin Forks Pest Control

The Hamptons Virtual Home Show will give you the unique opportunity to meet experts from the world of home improvement and learn about their services from the comfort of your own computer or smart device. Whether you’re looking to finish your basement, save energy and more, you’ll find it at the Hamptons Virtual Home Show—starting July 18 at Admission is free!

Meet the Expert
Brian Kelly, Twin Forks Pest Control

How can a homeowner keep their pets and kids safe while preventing outdoor pests?
Safety is paramount and we take all precautions to keep our clients safe while providing superior service.

What are some current “frequent offenders” on the East End?
We find mice are very common critters that just about everyone will encounter sooner or later, especially in the colder months when they begin looking for shelter to call home. Rats and mice are trying to protect themselves from predators, which is why they gravitate towards your home. They find their way into your home through cracks and crevices in the walls, floors, foundations or any small or large gaps around the exterior foundation by water pipes, electrical wires, windows and even doorways. Once inside, they’ll create nests and will multiply in the warmth of your home, garage, shed, basement or any other sheltered environment they can find. Rats are also notorious for carrying diseases and their razor sharp teeth can destroy everything in their path, causing destruction to your property.

What should a homeowner do if they think there are dangerous vermin on their property?
Call a professional! Long Island is home to several different species of rodents, and some of them can cause devastating effects to your home if they go untreated.

How can a homeowner be proactive to avoid having a pest problem?
Monthly preventative applications for mice, spiders, ants etc. will prevent an infestation. If you suspect you have an infestation of any sort, we recommended calling a professional as soon as possible.

What are some services you recommend ALL homeowners use?
Pest multiply quickly, most of our clients have us visit once a month to inspect and treat any issues found to prevent any sort of infestation from starting.

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