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The Hamptons Virtual Home Show will give you the unique opportunity to meet experts from the world of home improvement and learn about their services from the comfort of your own computer or smart device. Whether you’re looking to finish your basement, save energy and more, you’ll find it at the Hamptons Virtual Home Show—starting July 18 at Admission is free!

Meet the Expert
Kenneth Ruddick, Healthy Basement Systems

When is it time for a homeowner to repair and update their foundation?
When a homeowner sees cracks on the inside of the foundation such as horizontal or step-cracks, when the walls start bowing or when the floors upstairs are slanted or not level.

What should homeowners look for when assessing water damage?
When assessing water damage, one should look for water stains, mold, and puddles. Sometimes water intrusion is not visible, and we use thermal-imaging cameras to identify issues that are behind your walls or underneath your floors.

Crawl spaces might be an afterthought to some. Why should a crawl space be properly insulated and maintained?
Crawl spaces can cause serious health risks because the air down there makes its way throughout the whole house due to the stack effect. All the mold is being breathed in! Other common crawl space issues include water, pests, bugs, rodents and mammals. Encapsulating your crawl space and using an air-filtration dehumidifier will ensure nothing outside can get in and the air inside the sealed-off space is clean and healthy. Insulating the crawl space saves hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

How does basement carpeting differ from carpeting on the main floors?
We do not recommend using carpeting in your basement. Carpeting, along with wood, is organic material that is susceptible to mold, rot and water damage. We only install inorganic materials when finishing a basement, which ensures you will have a healthier basement that is not susceptible to water damage should the basement flood for any reason.

What are some common misconceptions homeowners have about insulation?
In a crawl space, the insulation should be on the walls and floors, not the above floor joists. In a basement, this is the same. We utilize thermal barriers, spray foam, and fire-rated insulation.

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