East End 2020 Election: November 6 Update

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In the hotly contested race for the presidency, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is nearing the coveted 270 electoral votes needed to win, with The New York Times placing him at 253 with incumbent President Donald Trump not far behind at 214. As clear as the winner may appear to some, the race is far from over with key swing states including Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and North Carolina teetering between red and blue. As with all of the 2020 local elections, until all absentee ballots have been counted, nothing is 100% confirmed.

Biden was declared the winner of New York State’s 29 electoral votes with 84% of total votes reported. The current totals are 4,235,888 votes for Biden and 2,933,947 votes from Trump, with the blue lean from New York City, Albany and Tompkins overpowering the red lean throughout Upstate NY and Long Island.

With 77% of votes reported, Republican New York Congressional District 1 incumbent Lee Zeldin has a fairly wide lead over Democrat challenger Nancy Goroff, 61% to her 39%, and has already declared victory.

In New York State Senate District 1, Republican Anthony Palumbo has won 57% of the votes, pushing him ahead of Democrat Laura Ahearn.

Republican New York Assembly District 1 challenger Heather Collins nearly matched incumbent Fred Thiele (Democratic Party, Independence Party), winning 47% of reported votes.

On the North Fork, the New York Assembly District 2 race shows that voters are largely in favor of Republican candidate Jodi Giglio, who currently holds 62% of reported votes. Democrat Laura Jens-Smith is far behind in second place with 36% of the votes, leaving 2% for Libertarian William Van Helmond.

The race for Southampton Town Justice Court is extremely close, with Democrat incumbent Karen Sartain sitting at 49%, just barely behind Republican challenger Patrick Gunn.

On Shelter Island, the race for Town Justice isn’t quite as close, with Democrat challenger Stanley Birnbaum taking 54% of votes, placing him ahead of Republican incumbent Helen Rosenblum.

The next Riverhead Town Justice appears to be Republican Sean Walter, who has currently garnered 61% of the votes, putting him far ahead of Democrat Joseph DiBenedetto.

The top eight NY Supreme Court District 10 judges are Valerie Cartright, Randy Sue Marber, Derrick Robinson, Erica Prager, Kathy Bermann, Joseph Conway, Timothy Mazzei and Gary Knobel. The remaining candidates failed to make much of an impact on voters, with each of their current totals in the five digits. They are Bryan Browns, Patricia Blake, Randy Berler and Evan Tanenbaum.

The two appointed Suffolk County Court judges are James Hudson and Stephen Braslow. And the two Suffolk County Family Court judges are Caren Loguercio and James Malone.

Keep an eye out for future election updates and confirmed winners. 

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