Toast National Repeal Day and Vote Dan’s Best of the Best 2020

Spiro's Restaurant & Lounge specialty cocktails

Let’s raise a glass to Repeal Day! The 18thAmendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1919, paving the way for the official introduction of Prohibition that would become law 100 years ago. Speakeasies and bathtub gin and rum running and some fairly creative modes of production and transport of distilled libations followed, until some 13 years after, when Franklin D. Roosevelt took the office of president and made good on his promise to repeal the law—the 33rdAmendment took care of that—and get those glasses (legally) filled once more.

In honor of Repeal Day, December 5, it’s the perfect day to cast your votes for your favorite nominees in Dan’s Best of the Best toast-worthy categories such as Wine & Liquor Store, Brewery, Beer Distributor, Cocktails, Margarita and Wine & Wineries.

Voting is open until midnight on December 31, and you can vote in every category in the South Fork and North Fork divisions—including Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Home & Personal Services, Restaurants & Nightlife, Wellness & Beauty, Pet & Animal Services, Professional Services, Recreation Travel & Tourism, Shopping, and Wine & Wineries—every single day!

Visit to vote now, and happy National Repeal Day 2020.

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