Long Island Spirits’ LiV Cocktails Get National Release

Long Island Spirits' canned cocktails
Long Island Spirits’ canned cocktails
Credit: Courtesy PRNewswire

Baiting Hollow-based Long Island Spirits has gone national with its new line of LiV craft vodka canned cocktails.

Distributed to stores by Winebow this month, these libations are made with sparkling water, all-natural juices and LiV standard edition vodka crafted from locally grown corn in authentic pot and column stills. The result is four flavors of sugar-free, gluten-free cocktails with 100 calories and 5% ABV in each 12-ounce can. Each can displays the letters “LIV” in international maritime signal flag symbols, color-coded to each flavor.

Sure to be a local favorite, Southampton lemonade is a pure flavor that tastes fresh and sultry. The last summer lime fizz flavor comprises incredibly sweet aromatics and flavors that feature an elegant balance between sweet and sour. Long Island cold brew tea is a thirst-quenching delight coupled with light sweetness and a hint of eureka lemon. Finally, watermelon crush offers a lusciously sweet vine-ripened melon flavor that’s stunningly bright and crisp.

“We spent several years developing these special cocktails, and they have dramatically exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said Long Island Spirits founder Rich Stabile in a statement. “Having Winebow’s support for this launch is extraordinary and will no doubt help ensure its success. Together we believe this will be a true game changer in the canned cocktail category.”

The North Fork distillery, touted as Long Island’s first craft distillery, also announced that LiV standard edition vodka, which launched in 2007, is being relaunched with a new look and feel that is patterned after the LiV craft vodka cocktail cans.

For more information,  visit lispirits.com.

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