Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Daniel Pollera on Self-Taught Artistry

Daniel Pollera's art on the cover of the March 19, 2021 Dan's Papers issue.
Daniel Pollera’s art on the cover of the March 19, 2021 Dan’s Papers issue.

This week’s cover artist, perennial Dan’s Papers favorite Daniel Pollera, talks about his inspiration, latest work and more.

What was the inspiration for this piece?
Years back I was on a large party boat for a cruise around the bay. It was the western south shore salt marsh area. The skies were cloudy with occasional breaks of sun. From the top deck I was able to get some dramatic photos of the changing skies which was the inspiration for this piece.

Daniel Pollera in 2016
Daniel Pollera

Talk about your distinctive style and how you’ve honed it over the years.
I am primarily a self-taught artist. Most artists, but not all, who attend certain art schools and academies tend to follow the teaching style of that institution. It does reflect in their work to a degree. Being self taught I rely on my eye to guide me in the development of my paintings. I am influenced by some of the great artists and their subjects. So my style is a conglomerate of many that has developed over the years. I really don’t think about it, it’s intuitive. I have noticed over the years, that once an artist develops his or her own style of painting. The subject, as well as the ability, will usually reflect the artist themselves, or referred to as their voice. It’s a way to communicate who you are from a visual perspective.

How does natural light factor into your work?
I don’t paint in natural light, if that’s what you mean. I use controlled light in my studio because it is most consistent.

When are you most inspired to create art?
The height of my inspiration always comes in late fall and winter. I am attracted to the low light at that time of year.

What are you looking forward to in the Hamptons this summer?
This summer, hopefully will be a little different from last year due to the pandemic. I most looking forward to fishing the Shinnecock Bay with my wife, Nancy, and enjoying some quiet time with family and friends!

See more of Daniel Pollera’s work at sorellegallery.com and at danielpollera.com.


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