Celebrity Florist Mark Masone’s Guide to Keeping Flowers Fresh

Mark Masone
Mark Masone
Andrew Werner

In the latest Out East End extra, celebrity florist and event stylist Mark Masone shares some tips for keeping flowers fresh, plus some of his East End faves.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh:
1. Clean the vase to prevent bacteria and fungus.
2. Fill vase 2/3 of the way and add flower food to prevent the growth of bacteria.
3. Remove any leaves that are under water as this will cause bacteria to grow.
4. Every three days, change the water, add more flower food and cut the stems about 3 cm, then place back in the vase.
5. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit.
6. Remove wilting flowers to prevent mold (botrytis).

How to Keep Orchids Alive:
Orchids thrive in warm weather, like Florida, or in a greenhouse, so put them in a hot room. Be careful not to overwater your orchid. Let it get more dry, then fill up the container in the sink, let it soak until all the air bubbles come out, then drain it; you don’t want too much water or you will drown it.


Fave Restaurants:
“By far Union Sushi & Steak and The Social Club (both in Southampton). I just like the food presentation. The owner, Ian Duke, is a friend, and I like to patronize multiple restaurants of his here and in the city. The presentation is very different; not your typical restaurant—they really go above and beyond… I love Edgewater (Hampton Bays), and another little favorite is Pellegrino’s (Southampton).”

Fave Beach:
“My favorite beach is Little Plains Beach (Southampton) since I had my store in the village near it, a block from Town Hall. It’s so beautiful. I go do down there and park my car, and walk. I also like a beach a friend turned me on to—Towd Point Beach, on the bay in Southampton.”

Fave Thing to do Out East:
“I love my dogs—I have four golden labradoodles. I like to hike, bike ride, sit on the beach, and I love to cook and to entertain. Sundays I would normally have 20 people over every weekend (pre-COVID).”

See Mark Masone’s floral mastery in action at designsbymarkmasone.com, and check DansPapers.com tomorrow, April 15, to read his Out East End feature.

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