East Hampton Village Reconsidering Paid Parking Rules

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App-based paid parking is under consideration on the North Fork. (Getty Images)

The Village of East Hampton is looking to revise its downtown parking meter plan in response to community concerns.

Mayor Jerry Larsen proposed that village residents will receive three free hours of parking in designated lots while town residents will receive two free hours. Town residents and visitors will have the option to purchase a third hour, if necessary, through the ParkMobile app.

“We have changed this several times,” Larsen said at the April 1 village board meeting. “Due to the transparency of this board, discussing this throughout numerous board meetings and changing to what we feel was the best for everybody involved.”

The money brought through parking fees will be used toward implementing a new sewage system in the village. Sag Harbor, Southampton, and Greenport villages have also been exploring the app-based paid parking program.

This resolution comes months after ongoing discussions regarding the viability of installing parking meters throughout the village’s commercial district. Carried over from a board meeting on March 19, the public hearing cited concerns over the villages former method of tracking time, chalking tires, and the jarring visual impact parking meters may have on the historic village.

The commercial district of East Hampton is home to the bulk of the village’s doctors, banks and grocery stores. Residents had previously suggested that unpaid parking was vital to keep essential services accessible. The village board hopes the amendment to allow three free hours for village residents will alleviate such concerns while still allowing for a source of income to fund village needs.

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