Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Carol Luz on ‘Hot Dogs no Buns’

Carol Luz's art on the cover of the June 4, 2021 Dan's Papers issue
Carol Luz’s art on the cover of the June 4, 2021 Dan’s Papers issue

Carol Luz returns to the cover of Dan’s Papers with more adorable doggy goodness, this time with a summery beach twist. She discusses the dogs that inspired the piece, what her Dan’s cover star Jack Russell terriers have been up to and more.

What is the name of this delightful piece, and what’s the inspiration behind it?

The name of this piece is “Hot ‘Dogs’ no Buns.” The inspiration for this painting was my friend’s dogs—George, Lola, Saint, Ginger, Sissy—and Rogers Beach in Westhampton Beach. The painting was a surprise engagement gift for Keith and Barbara. They live in Westhampton Beach and always take their dogs to Rogers Beach. I thought it would be cute to have all of the dogs hanging out on the lifeguard stand.

The two dogs on top of the lifeguard stand are George and Lola. George is definitely the “lifeguard” here. He will save you if you need help. Lola loves blowing the whistle and barking orders at the misbehaved dogs. Below them on the stand is Saint. Saint does his own thing. He’s mostly interested in looking good on the lifeguard stand. If he must, he will jump into the water to save someone. But, it’s mostly for attention from the females on the beach. On the bottom is Sissy lying on the pillow and Ginger. Sissy is there to just catch some rays. Ginger … we don’t know what her deal is, but she’s ready for anything—snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming.

Carol Luz with her famous dogs Judy and Elroy
Carol Luz with Judy and Elroy

Did the conception and creation process of this piece differ at all from your usual process?

The conception and creation process for this painting was pretty much the same as my usual process. I work from multiple pictures and combine them into the painting. I scoured both Keith and Barbara’s Facebook pages for pictures of their dogs! At first, I was going to put them all in a tiny BMW convertible driving to the beach. But they wouldn’t fit! I like the lifeguard stand better. You have a better view of the dogs and the beach.

What makes this piece such an ideal fit for the first June 2021 Dan’s Papers cover?

A beach scene with some cute dogs to welcome the beginning of the summer season in the Hamptons is what makes this piece such an ideal fit for the first June 2021 Dan’s Papers cover. Who wouldn’t want to escape to a beach that has a lifeguard stand full of lifeguard dogs? It’s like Baywatch with dogs.

What adventures were your adorable Jack Russell terriers, Judy and Elroy, on while the cover dogs were on lifeguard duty?

Judy and Elroy were parasailing over the water while their friends were on lifeguard duty. Cousin Murphy was driving the boat. Elroy loves the wind in his fur. Judy likes to feel like she is on top of the world.

What are your favorite East End spots to visit with your dogs in the summer, and do these locales appear in your work?

My favorite East End spots to visit with my dogs in the summer are the beach of course, Main Street in Westhampton Beach, friends and family.

See more of Carol Luz’s work at Mustique in Westhampton Beach, at carolluzart.com and on Instagram @judyandelroy. Luz can be contacted at [email protected].

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