Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Doc Debuts Friday on Paramount+

Bridgehampton homeowner Madonna will debut her new concert documentary, Madame X, exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming service this Friday, October 8.

The Queen of Pop recently released a new official trailer (above) for the film, which chronicles her 2019 Madame X tour for her fourteenth studio album of the same name. She toured through the states in major cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami Beach before making her way overseas to Europe, where she toured in Portugal, England and France. The film was shot over six-day of shows at Coliseu dos Recreios during her stop in Lisbon, Portugal.

Madonna performs during the Madame X Tour
Madonna performs during the Madame X Tour, as seen in the Paramount+ filmStu Fish ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Fans of the superstar will enjoy performances of Madonna’s songs “God Control,” “Dark Ballet,” “Medellín” and many more from the Madame X album. She also performs classics from her decades-deep discography like “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer.”

The tour features 48 onstage performers, including Madonna’s children and an all-female orchestra, Orquestra Batukadeiras.

Madonna in the Paramount+ Madame X concert doc
Madonna in the Paramount+ Madame X concert docRicardo Gomes ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The theme of the live show was Freedom. “I decided to call my record Madame X,” she said of the album that introduced her new persona in 2019. “Madame X is a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places. Madame X is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. And a spy in the house of love. I’m Madame X.”

The show traces her life and her life’s meaning. She takes the audience on a journey of where she found her freedom in New York City in the late 1970s. While there, she found her freedom to act and her freedom to speak.

A politically charged moment in Madame X on Paramount+
A politically charged moment in Madonna’s Madame X on Paramount+

Madonna’s Madame X tour is said to be very explicit and intimate, but audiences have been wowed, calling the artful performances “brilliant.” She said her most important message for audiences to take away from experiencing Madame X is, “Artists are here to disturb the peace.”

And that she does. Madame X touches issues in politics, media and social movements, just enough to cause some creative propaganda.

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