Something to Wine About: 2019 Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco 

2019 Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco
2019 Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco

It’s cold outside. And one of the best things about the cold weather, for many Long Islanders, is the East End’s lovely red wines, like the 2019 Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco.

One sip and you’ll wish you had this wine on tap. Really. The sadness one feels having reached the bottom of the bottle is palpable.

Let’s start with the nose. The aroma is intoxicating with notes of fresh cherry and leather. The mouth feel is rich while remaining sophisticated. The palate is layered and structured, with bright fruit and a bold substantial base. The notes of fresh cherry and licorice blend elegantly.

Created by winemaker James Christopher Tracy who says, “Rosso Fresco is meant to be an easygoing red blend whose varieties and proportions change with each vintage. Gulpable and delicious, our Rosso Fresco works on its own and is easily pairable with diverse foods. Rosso Fresco is a fun, fresh red that over-delivers!”

Over-delivers is an understatement.

Have snooty Bordeaux-lover friends? Pour them a glass of this wine and watch their reaction. It’s been said that American wine can lean towards being over-oaked and over-ripe. This wine is neither. While, of course, this wine is not a true Bordeaux, as that must be from the Bordeaux region, this wine primarily comprises three of the five noble grapes: 75% merlot, 12% petit verdot, 6% cabernet Franc. Also present is 4% dornfelder and 3% syrah. The 2019 Rosso Fresco is made from hand-harvested grapes from both the North and the South Forks. The wine spent six months in stainless steel tanks and a few older oak barrels before bottling.

This wine pairs as easily with pastas as it does with filet mignon, pizza or barbecue. However, it doesn’t need food. It drinks wonderfully on its own and is a balm after a stressful day.

Need a gift for a red wine lover or even a red wine snob? The artwork on the bottle is starkly beautiful and repeats on the cork. Combine that with the magic inside, no one will ever know you only spent $23.

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