Clean by Meurice Opens HipChik Pop-Up at East Hampton Shop

Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne "The Stainmaster" Edelman and the HipChik pop-up
Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne “The Stainmaster” Edelman and the HipChik pop-up

The Hamptons dry cleaning experience just got elevated this summer now that Clean by Meurice is hosting a new HipChik pop-up. The East Hampton spot will not only be a place to clean your clothes — it’s now a go-to destination for home, kitchen and lifestyle decor trends all in one stop.

A family-owned business with roots in the Bronx going back to 1961, Clean by Meurice expanded to the East End in summer 2021, opening the first “Meurice out east” at 59 The Circle in East Hampton Village. The shop specializes in high-end dry cleaning, furnishing and wardrobe deep cleanings, alterations, home care, linen care and restorations of everything from garments to bridal wear, home interior and outdoor furniture care, as well as vintage products and more.

HipChik goods on display at Clean by Meurice in East Hampton
HipChik goods on display at Clean by Meurice in East Hampton

This summer, Clean by Meurice and Meurice Garment Care CEO Wayne Edelman, aka “The Stainmaster,” has brought in the HipChik pop-up, selling items like unique acrylic cheese boards, coasters and beach bags — the kind of items that are perfect to have at the ready as a hostess gift for a dinner party or Hamptons barbecue. And now customers at Clean by Meurice can shop while they get clothes pressed or wait for their dry cleaning.


Based in Armonk in Westchester, HipChik is an accessory brand, specializing in bags, shoes and jackets, and home goods such as pillows and other statement pieces. Founder Andrea Rosenberg launched the business in 2011, creating it out of disappointment that no companies were making jewelry to fit her specific style. Inspired by the work of designer Alexander McQueen and Chrome Hearts, her HipChik brand created everyday beaded jewelry.

Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne "The Stainmaster" Edelman
Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne “The Stainmaster” Edelman

“I love each and every piece I make, I wish I could keep them all for myself!” Rosenberg, a mother of two with a degree in merchandising and design, says on, her website.

“Andrea has a great eye in terms of fashion and home trends, and I have the eye for all the details,” Edelman says. “Hence together we have the perfect offerings to cater to our customers in the Hamptons this season.”

The two business owners, Edelman and Rosenberg, formed this collaboration based on an old friendship and similar clientele demographic. They say they’re bringing together two concepts that are in demand on the East End.

And pickup and delivery are available from Westhampton to Amagansett on all Clean by Meurice services and HipChik items.

Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne "The Stainmaster" Edelman
Clean by Meurice CEO Wayne “The Stainmaster” Edelman delivers

Clean by Meurice

Clean by Meurice says the business combines state-of-the-art technology with artisanal craftsmanship to make sure everything they clean looks as flawless as the day it was purchased. “We are endlessly advancing our methods while maintaining our family values so you can feel at ease every time,” the company explains.

The HipChik pop-up is located at Clean by Meurice in East Hampton (59 The Circle) throughout the summer.

Learn more about Clean by Meurice and their services at or by calling 631-248-0022. Visit to browse HipChik’s wide range of fashionable products.

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