East End Gallery Spotlight: Ric Michel Fine Art

Andriy Halashyn's "Parade" (oil on canvas, 45" x 66") at Ric Michel Fine Art
Andriy Halashyn’s “Parade” (oil on canvas, 45″ x 66″) at Ric Michel Fine Art

For more than three decades, Ric Michel Fine Art has been known throughout the Hamptons and New York City as a place where the finest contemporary art can be found. This summer, the Southampton gallery boasts newly represented artists and longtime favorites in a pair of exciting exhibitions that art buyers will want to check out.

The gallery showcases the works of many esteemed artists including David Bowers, Eduardo Terranova, Joyce Weinstein, Lynn Basa and the late Daniel Pollera. This summer, they’ll be introducing several new artists to the growing roster, including abstract painters Alayne Spafford, Alexa Williams and Meighan Morrison; as well as realists John Darley and Amy Penner.

Amy Penner's "Meet Me by the Pool (I brought flowers)" (acrylic on canvas, 48" x 40") at Ric Michel Fine Art
Amy Penner’s “Meet Me by the Pool (I brought flowers)” (acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 40″) at Ric Michel Fine Art

“While we enjoy decades-long relationships with many of our artists, we are always excited to exhibit new talents, as well,” owner Ric Michel says. “Each of these artists brings a unique imagery and technique to the gallery and all are prominently featured in our exhibits.”

Ric Michel Fine Art has kicked off the season with an installation of some 40 artworks in a diverse array of subjects, styles and media. Among the highlights are Andriy Halashyn’s pop surrealistic paintings, Eduardo Terranova’s sculpted abstracts on burlap, John Darley’s ethereal landscape/figurative works and Amy Penner’s jaunty Interiors and pool paintings.

Ric Michel Fine Art: July & August Exhibitions

The two major summer exhibitions, on view June through August, are Reality … and Then Some and Abstract Investigations. The first of these runs the gamut of realism from classical/impressionistic imagery to photorealist, pop and surrealistic works to even street art.

“While their techniques and subjects vary, the common denominator among all of these paintings is narrative,” Michel explains. “Each work conveys a sense of time, place and mood and invites the viewer to fill in the story.”

Participating Reality … and Then Some artists include John Darley, Danielle Richard, Amy Penner, Melissa Sims, Scott Allen Roberts, Frank Morrison, Andriy Halashyn, Shay Kun, Kevin Peterson, David M. Bowers, Christopher P. Stevens, Samara Shuter, Shane McAdams and Stephen Hansen.

Next, Abstract Investigations showcases novel techniques by which a group of celebrated artists achieve unique textures and dimensionality in their work. The show features encaustics, sculpted and carved canvases, found object assemblages, collage, tinted resins, ink/acrylic overlays and a variety of multi-media creations that simultaneously build upon and distress their surfaces to great effect.

“For texture lovers, this show is a must-see,” Michel adds.

Eduardo Terranova's "The Prince of Nebraska" (Sculpted Plaster and Gold Plating on Burlap, 48" x 48") at Ric Michel Fine Art
Eduardo Terranova’s “The Prince of Nebraska” (Sculpted Plaster and Gold Plating on Burlap, 48″ x 48″) at Ric Michel Fine Art

Participating artists include: Eduardo Terranova, Lola, William Loveless, Lynn Basa, Gregory Hengesbaugh, Alayne Spafford, Alexa Williams, Meighan Morrison, Julian Lorber and Joyce Weinstein.

Of course, Ric Michel Fine Art, like most art galleries, isn’t showing off its art collection just because — the goal is to introduce each artwork to a fitting buyer, and the gallery has already helped hundreds of private and commercial clients to find exactly what that blank wall in their home or business has been in need of.

“Blank walls can be very intimidating; especially for new collectors searching for that ‘perfect’ piece,” Michel says. “My advice is to be open to a wide range of possibilities. Oftentimes, clients approach us with a big blank space and say, ‘We need a big, bold abstract painting.’ And sometimes that’s what we place. But many times, we go in an entirely different direction — a realist painting, a sculptural installation or a grouping of smaller modular works. There are many routes to the perfect piece — flexibility and open mindedness are key.”

Alayne Spafford's "Untitled" (Mixed Media on Canvas, 40" x 30") at Ric Michel Fine Art
Alayne Spafford’s “Untitled” (Mixed Media on Canvas, 40″ x 30″) at Ric Michel Fine Art

Ric Michel Fine Art: Business in the New Normal

With COVID more manageable now and many businesses returning to normal, Ric Michel Fine Art has seen a great increase in its corporate and hospitality art placement business, particularly in corporate and professional office placements as staff and clients return to the office. Following a major installation at a large law firm, Michel reports several other projects in the pipeline.

In reflecting on the gallery’s unique experience as both private dealers and gallery operators, Michel relates, “For many years we operated primarily as private dealers out of our TriBeCa space.” He continues, “This experience of searching out unique pieces and developing diverse options expanded our network well beyond those artists we were exhibiting at a particular time. That resourcefulness continues to serve our clients well.”

Michel continues, “Many of our projects today — for residential and corporate clients, as well as the designers/architects with whom we work — require site specific works. The relationships and trust we’ve developed with a vast network of artists through the years enables us to fulfill these challenging commissions and custom placements.”

To learn more about Ric Michel Fine Art, visit ricmichelfineart.com. The Southampton Village gallery is located at 46 Jobs Lane.

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