Cocktail Recipe: Bramble Sidecar

North Fork Table & Inn Bramble Sidecar cocktail
North Fork Table & Inn Bramble Sidecar cocktail
Bill Milne, courtesy NFTI

JF Restaurants Beverage Director Amy Racine, in partnership with French spirits group Rémy Cointreau, has concocted a fruity Bramble Sidecar cocktail that will be served at North Fork Table & Inn.

September marks the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Sidecar cocktail. To celebrate this milestone, North Fork Table & Inn in Southold is offering the classic mix with a slight twist. The Bramble Sidecar features two types of Rémy Martin cognac, Montenegro Amaro Italiano liqueur, lemon, bitters, and a homemade cordial made out of blackberries, peppercorns, sugar, water and orange liqueur.

“As with most cocktails, the origin of the Sidecar is of great debate, but records show this drink being served 100 years ago, making it one of the first luxury cocktails,” Racine says. “At North Fork Table & Inn, we embrace classic cocktails and update them with fantastic local produce. This is made with late summer blackberries and a crush of black pepper to bring out the spice for Rémy 1738.”

Check out the recipe below.

Bramble Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail Ingredients

0.5 oz Rémy XO​
1 oz Rémy VSOP​
1 oz blackberry peppercorn cordial
3/4 lemon​
1/4 Montenegro​
5 dashes Angostura​

Blackberry Peppercorn Cordial Ingredients

2 cup ripe blackberries​
1 tsp cracked black peppercorn ​
1 cup sugar​
1 cup water​
1/8 cup Grand Marnier or orange liqueur​


Bring to boil in a saucepan.
Reserve half the berries for garnish.
Blitz remaining in blender just to breakup berries but not purée.
Strain through China cap​.

If you prefer to try the drink in person, head to North Fork Table & Inn at 57225 Main Road, Southold. Call 631-765-0177 or visit for more info.

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