Southampton Billionare Leon Black Accused of Raping Woman in Jeffrey Epstein’s House

Leon Black at a benefit dinner in December 2014
Leon Black at a benefit dinner in December 2014
Clint Spaulding/, ©Patrick McMullan

A woman has filed a lawsuit under a new law alleging she was raped in 2002 by investor Leon Black, who owns a home on Meadow Lane, aka Billionaire Row, in Southampton.

Cheri Pierson filed the lawsuit under the New York State Adult Survivor’s Act, which opened a window for plaintiffs to file claims on cases in which the statute of limitations had expired, similar to the Child Victims Act. She named as a codefendant the person who introduced them: Jeffrey Epstein, the late convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker.

“Thanks to the passage of the Adult Survivor’s Act, survivors of sexual violence like our client Ms. Pierson can seek the justice they deserve no matter how many years ago their trauma was suffered,” said Jeanne Christensen, of the law firm Wigdor LLC.

Pierson alleged that Epstein introduced her to Black, who raped her in Epstein’s Manhattan home.

Black, the former-CEO of the private equity firm Apollo Global Management who is reportedly worth $9 billion, issued a statement through his attorney calling the allegations “categorically false and part of a scheme to extort money from Mr. Black by threatening to destroy his reputation.”

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