Photos: Nick Mele Photography Exhibition at The Colony Hotel

Owner Sarah Wetenhall of The Colony Hotel Palm Beach hosted over 200 guests for Nick Mele’s fine art show opening, Please Sign In All Guests. With a poolside courtyard and a glass of Out East Rosé in hand, attendees were surrounded by Mele’s series of large-scale prints. Mele’s works, as an ode to Palm Beach, featured animals and people in the town’s more desolate landscapes. The stunning collection of photographs made for a wonderful night of awe-inspired artworks.

About the Artist: Nick Mele

According to Mele’s artist bio: His “irreverent take on timeless, all-American glamour is immediately recognizable, but in his fine art work, he moves past the magazine pages, spinning tales of surreal characters in dreamlike domestic spaces. Documenting a lifestyle at once familiar yet fantastic, Mele’s imagery feels like a fanciful peek into life in the country’s most luxurious resort towns.”

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