Podcast: Divendra Jaffar, Senior Public Relations Manager at MetroPlusHealth

Divendra Jaffar, MetroPlusHealth
Divendra Jaffar, MetroPlusHealth

In each episode of the “Victoria’s A-Lister” podcast, Schneps Media President Victoria Schneps introduces you to an outstanding, powerful man who has discovered the keys to success and is willing to share that secret with Victoria’s listeners.

Divendra Jaffar, MetroPlusHealth

This week on the Victoria’s A-Lister podcast, Vicki speaks with Divendra Jaffar of MetroPlusHealth, a New York-based health insurance provider, about the people who impacted his early life, his role as Senior Public Relations Manager and his secrets to success.

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Produced by Jacquelyn DeStasio and Eric Hercules

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