Keep Your Little Dogs Safe: Eagles Are Back in the Hamptons

Bald eagles are back!
Bald eagles are back — hide your chihuahuas!
Getty Images

Huge American eagles, with nearly 8-foot wingspans now fly around in the Hamptons again.

In the 1940s, Suffolk County started spraying the chemical DDT throughout the East End every week to kill the mosquitoes. It also killed most of the eagles who’d been coming here. Others flew off. 

Because of this, in the 1970s, environmentalists got the spraying stopped. And now, all these years later, the eagles have returned.

I was sitting out in the yard yesterday watching one of them swooping hungrily around overhead. I live near a bay, and often they dive down and fly off with fish in their talons. It’s also been rumored that small dogs might be good targets, so keep them safe. 

Anyway, looking up at that eagle, I had the distinct feeling that he was looking down at me and sizing me up. 

It made me very uncomfortable. But then he flew off. I wasn’t worth the trouble.

Just something new to think about here in the Hamptons.