No Right Turns Is a Problem in No Left Turn Southampton

Closeup image of car lighting control switch blinker left turn signal
Getty Images

Southampton Village has announced that because of the traffic, beginning on Memorial Day, signs will go up at certain street corners announcing a prohibition on right turns.

Right turns? Here’s some of the places: no right turn onto Hill Street from Somerset Avenue, Bishops Lane or Corrigan Street.

This is outrageous. The problem is left turns. It’s practically impossible to make a left turn in the summertime.

But if now you can’t make right turns either, then, well, maybe just stay home.

Years ago, Dan’s Papers used to sell red baseball caps with the letter L on them. Wear it and, at stop signs, it will allow you to make left turns. Other motorists will see it and let you in.

It never seemed to work, however.

But we believed the hats were never used properly. You were supposed to get out of your car, walk out into the street and throw the hat at the windshield of an oncoming car to get it to stop.

Then make the left.