Jon Stewart Reacts To Fox News And Chris Wallace

Sag Harbor resident Jon Stewart reacted to the show down he had between himself and Chris Wallace on “Fox Sunday.”

Needless to say, his reaction was funny. Jon Stewart suggested to his viewers to watch the entire interview online, instead of the edited version that was presented on Fox which according to him, had him looking like, “A woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Chris Wallace in the actual interview on Fox said, “You take your own shot recently at Sarah Palin where you compare her one nation bus tour video to a certain commercial…”

“Valtrex,” Jon Stewart finished Wallace’s sentence. “So your saying that comparing the technique she used in her video to a technique used in a…,”

“So you’re not making a political comment?” Wallace interrupted.

“You really think that’s a political comment? You’re insane,” Stewart quipped.

The conversation the two men had on the air has been flooding Google today with searches for the official Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace interview.

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