“Sex and the City” Star Kim Cattrall Involved In Tiff With Neighbors

Kim Cattrall

Things got ugly Saturday night at  the East Hampton home of  “Sex and the City” star Kim Cattrall. Cattrall‘s neighbors, tired of noise from construction being done on her drive, asked workers to stop the racket. Cattrall allegedly stormed out of the house and told the neighbors to “get off [her] property.” She got in the face of the elderly couple — the husband was 80 years old — and threatened to get the cops involved if the neighbors didn’t back down.

The neighbors, thinking Cattrall was not at home at the time, left the scene, but the star of the legendary HBO show’s emotions got the best of her, as she then proceeded to call the police anyway. She did not press any charges, but made sure to have the whole incident documented. Friends of Cattrall told the New York Post that this was not the first time that the couple tried to interfere with the construction.

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