Restaurant Review: Muse


I’ve long known that Muse in Water Mill is named “Muse Restaurant, Aquatic Bar & Lounge” because its bar is made of all-glass fish tanks. You have to see this. Don’t picture guppies, imagine starfish and colorful underwater features. It is quite something.

It’s easy to find Muse—it’s located within the foodie Mecca, the Shoppes at Water Mill, at Water Mill’s only traffic light.

Chef/owner Matthew Guiffrida is also a partner in the new Avanti Gourmet Market just across the courtyard.

There was lively live music being played when we arrived at Muse. Specials included a Spanakopita Pop Tart with sundried tomato icing which tempted—but I opted for Muse’s “Economy Gastronomy” $29.95 Prix Fixe—but first, cocktails. I ordered a Pink Passion Muse-tini (Absolut Raspberry Vodka, St. Germain, Malibu Rum, pineapple juice, grenadine with a Champagne floater), which offered a sweet kick. My husband enjoyed a martini, which he judged to be appropriately dry. [expand]

I started with “the soup of the moment,” Carrot and Ginger. This was a harbinger of good things to come. I could have had a bucket of this smooth savory soup and left happy. Muse is a flexible place to eat—it offers “Customized Vegetarian Selections” and many menu items are noted as being gluten free.

The Muse Wine List offers bottles from around the world as well as Long Island’s Palmer Vineyards.

Husband started with the Tuna Ménage—tuna three ways. He did not share, commenting, “Mmm.Mmm.”

Our son got rolling with a BLT Wedge. It’s a chunk of iceberg lettuce, applewood smoked bacon and grape tomatoes with a marsala Gorgonzola vinaigrette. He was enraptured and commented, “How cool is this presentation?” Then it was gone.

I was very pleased to find “Chicken n Waffles” on the menu. There was no written description—this just made it more intriguing. I sensed that it was made for me. It was. Crispy waffles framing chicken confit. Gravy and maple syrup in the same dish?! Heck yes! No doubt the greens make it 100% healthy.

Husband ordered the South of the Border Atlantic Salmon. Pan seared salmon Scaloppini alongside Ten Bean, Charred Corn and Avocado Salad over Grilled Artichoke Salsa with Arugula Gazpacho Salad. The only thing this dish doesn’t have is gluten. The house Sauvignon Blanc helped him to eat it all up.

Teenage Boy scored with his 3 Little Pigs: 1. Pulled Pork with maple syrup spiked mustard on a charred scallion Johnny cake. 2. “Xxxtra” thick homemade bacon over pimento and cheddar oatmeal. 3. Teriyaki braised pork belly on apple onion stir-fry. A triple celebration of the porcine. Again there was no sharing.

Husband drank his heated dessert of Courvoisier as usual.

Teenage Boy naturally went for the “Are You Ready for S’More.” Double Chocolate Mousse and Graham Cracker French Toast topped with a Torched Homemade Marshmallow. You have to see this marshmallow to believe it. Teenage Boy defined it as “pretty badass.” He went on to wax uncharacteristically loquacious and exclaimed, “This thing is awesome! That’s French toast right there. It’s French Toast. That’s Chocolate and French Toast. Totally awesome, it’s like a Graham cracker.” And with that the s’more was no more.

We thought we were done but Chef Guiffrida insisted on sending out some of his grandmother’s Zeppoli. We were glad that he did. These little fried doughnuts are HOT and delish. Dipped in caramel sauce, they are quite the “icing on the cake.”

There’s truly something for everyone at Muse in Water Mill. Enjoy it, take all your friends with special dietary needs, or your special friends, or both. Go with the flow at the bar or in the dining room. Chef Guiffrida rightfully stated, “We’re proud of everything.”


Muse Restaurant, Aquatic Bar & Lounge, 760 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill. 631-726-2606. [/expand]

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