Take a Seaplane to Paradise

The traffic is heavy, the buses are full, the trains are packed, what is a weary vacation-bound person to do? Take a seaplane to paradise! Shoreline Aviation has seaplanes at the ready to take you from the marina and seaplane base on 23rd Street in NYC right to East Hampton Airport. You can buy a single seat, no need to charter a whole plane. There are ten seats on the plane, including the pilot. For $495.00, one of them could be yours, as opposed to paying $2975.00 to charter a whole airplane. There are five seaplanes going to and from the Hamptons all summer. You must schedule ahead of time to ensure a seat, they do go fast! And speaking of fast, the whole flight is 35-38 minutes in an air-conditioned seaplane with a scenic view as you fly along the coastline. [expand]

Since 1980, John Kelly has been running and flying planes for his company, Shoreline Aviation, based in Oxford, Connecticut. The triple propeller, jet prop seaplanes can land in any bay, harbor, river or lake where they are allowed. Private charters go to Shelter Island and Nantucket. Popular flights in summer are camp visits to Maine and the Adirondacks.  John also operates corporate jets for private owners and Shoreline has a full aircraft maintenance operation at their base in Connecticut. They also do training services for many corporations and the US Navy. All of their pilots are former commercial airline pilots with tons of flying time. Some flew missionary flights to Africa, others flew in Alaska and South America. Shoreline has an impeccable record; never an accident or incident in any passenger-carrying operation.

Though their key business is to and from NYC, in the winter they also fly in the Bahamas, the Caribbean and along the West Coast. They often run into their Hamptons clients in wintertime in the Bahamas. The pilots live in Connecticut year round, though many stay in the Hamptons for the summer. This was a busy weekend for Shoreline’s seaplanes to the Hamptons, but after the Fourth, call them and set up your getaway by air. Marina to airport, in less than the time it takes to watch your favorite television show. Thirty-one years of experience under their belt. Check out their website at www.shorelineaviation.com. Call them for a reservation: 800-443-0031.

Route 27 can be a parking lot in high summer out here. The crowds on the bus are noisy some days, there’s not enough leg room, and people talk for two-and-a-half to three hours non-stop. Maybe your new way out here is one of Shoreline’s seaplanes. John Kelly has a seat with your name on it. But do remember it’s summer in the Hamptons, so call and book in advance. Fly to the Hamptons and feel the summer wind! [/expand]

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