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Coral Colors Are Hot

Spicy, burnished colors are dazzling for Summer AND for Fall. Shades of coral, salmon, burnt orange and dusky sienna echoing the sunset can be minimalistic while being warm at the same time. These colors can make you feel much more upbeat and more energetic!

Coral-colored dresses, tops, tunics, make-up, jewelry and accessories will light up your wardrobe and give your skin a healthy glow. Not sure which shade of coral is for you? Fair skin tones should look for shades with pink or blue undertones. Medium-to-dark skin tones can go with a coral with warmer undertones; these colors really pop against dark skin tones.

Try pairing it with a cornflower blue accessory or jacket. Those two hues  work great together. Also tan, greige, maybe a nice sky blue, or just classic black and white. it would even work with the right shade of brown or grass green. Warm and cool shades in combination truly create a feeling of balance.  And isn’t that something we all need?

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